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John M. Ryskamp

A graduate of Foxborough High School outside of Boston, Mass., Ryskamp began his nuclear career with a science fair project of a model nuclear reactor.  "It was made of concrete and wires.  A light bulb would glow brighter as the control rods were pulled up," Ryskamp reminisced.  "Election to an honor like this has been my goal for twenty-five years."

Ryskamp earned his doctorate in nuclear engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and eventually directed experimentation at the Advanced Test Reactor at the Idaho National Laboratory to demonstrate that nuclear weapons could be dissembled and used as fuel in commercial reactors.  Ryskamp's election as an ANS Fellow acknowledges his "outstanding leadership in nuclear reactor design, the Generation IV Technology Roadmap development, test reactor experiment design, and reactor physics analysis."

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