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Risk Informed Standards Committee (RISC)

The Risk Informed Standards Committee has the following scope:
The American Nuclear Society Risk Informed Standards Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of standards that establish safety and risk criteria and methods for probabilistic analysis, risk assessment, and risk management.  These criteria and methods are applicable to design, development, construction, operation, decontamination and decommissioning, waste management, and environmental restoration for nuclear facilities.
Currently the RISC Committee is involved in four projects.  Completing ANS-58.22, "Low Power and Shutdown PRA Methodology," and the following three joint projects with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers:
  • ASME/ANS RA-S, "Standard for Level 1/Large Early Release Frequency Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Power Plant Applications"

  • ANS/ASME-58.24, "Severe Accident Progression and Radiological Release (Level 2) PRA Methodology to Support Nuclear Installation Applications"

  • ANS/ASME-58.25, "Standard for Radiological Accident Offsite Consequence Analysis (Level 3 PRA) to Support Nuclear Installation Applications"

RISC Documents
2010 June 16 Minutes / Attachments
2009 April 24 Telecom Minutes  ·  June 17 Minutes / Attachments
September 1 Telecom Minutes ·  November 18 Minutes / Attachments
2008 March 5 Telecom Minutes  ·  March 19 Telecom Minutes
June 11 Minutes  ·  August 11 Telecom Minutes
September 29 Telecom Minutes  ·  November 12 Minutes
2007 June 27 Minutes  ·  November 14 Minutes
2006 April 5 Minutes  ·  April 6 Minutes (RISC/CNRM)  ·  November 15 Minutes
2005 April 13 Minutes  ·  April 14 Minutes (RISC/CNRM)  ·  November 14 Minutes
2004 April 30 Minutes  ·  November 17 Minutes
2003 November 17 Minutes
RISC Bylaws and Rules
Recommendations from the Working Group on Qualitative vs. Quantitative PRA Methods
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