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ANS-10, Mathematics and Computation

If you are interested in participating in the following standards, complete and submit the Standards Volunteer Form.

ANS-10.2, Portability of Scientific and Engineering Software

Scope: This standard provides recommended programming practices and requirements to facilitate the portability of computer programs prepared for scientific and engineering computations.

ANS-10.3, Documentation of Computer Software

Scope: This standard addresses the documentation of computer software prepared for scientific and engineering applications.

ANS-10.4, Verification and Validation of Scientific and Engineering Computer Programs for the Nuclear Industry

Scope: This standard provides guidelines for the verification and validation (V&V) of scientific and engineering computer programs developed for use by the nuclear industry.

ANS-10.5, Accommodating User Needs in Scientific and Engineering Computer Software Development

Scope: This standard presents criteria for accommodating user needs in the preparation of computer software for scientific and engineering applications.

ANS-10.7, Non-Real Time, High Integrity Software for the Nuclear Industry

Scope: This standard addresses rigorous, systematic development of high integrity, non-real time safety analysis, design, simulation software includes calculations or simulations that can have critical consequences if errors are not detected, but that are so complex that typical peer reviews are not likely to identify errors. This may include nuclear design and performance codes, codes used to assign safety classification levels to systems, structures and components at nuclear facilities, computational fluid dynamics or structural mechanics codes, complex Monte Carlo simulations, radiation dosimetry analysis codes, and nuclear medical physics analytical codes.
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