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ANS-15, Operation of Research Reactors

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ANS-15.1, The Development of Technical Specifications for Research Reactors

Scope: This standard identifies and establishes the content of technical specifications (TS) for research and test reactors. Areas addressed are: Definitions, Safety Limits (SL), Limiting Safety System Settings (LSSS), Limiting Conditions for Operation (LCO), Surveillance Requirements, Design Features, and Administrative Controls. Sufficient detail is incorporated so that applicable specifications can be derived or extracted.

ANS-15.2, Quality Control for Plate-Type Uranium-Aluminum Fuel Elements

Scope: This standard sets forth general requirements for the establishment and execution of a program designed to verify that the qualify of plate-type uranium-aluminum fuel elements being purchased for research reactors conforms to the requirements of the contract and applicable technical documents, including specifications, standards, and drawings.

ANS-15.4, Selection and Training of Personnel for Research Reactors

Scope: This standard provides criteria for the selection and training of research reactor operating personnel. It addresses their qualifications, training, initial licensing, requalification, and relicensing. This standard is predicated on levels of responsibility rather than on a particular organizational concept.

ANS-15.8, Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Research Reactors

Scope: This standard provides criteria for quality assurance in the design, construction, operation, and decommissioning of research reactors.

ANS-15.10, Decommissioning of Research Reactors

Scope: This standard provides requirements and criteria for the decommissioning of research reactors and includes decommissioning alternatives, planning, radiation criteria, surveillance and maintenance, environmental impacts, quality assurance, and reports and documentation.

ANS-15.11, Radiation Protection at Research Reactors

Scope: This standard establishes the elements of a radiation protection program and the criteria necessary to provide an acceptable level of radiation protection for personnel at research reactor facilities and the public consistent with keeping exposures and releases as low as is reasonably achievable (ALARA).

ANS-15.16, Emergency Planning for Research Reactors

Scope: This standard identifies the elements of an emergency plan which describes the approach to coping with emergencies and minimizing the consequences of accidents at research reactor facilities. The emphasis given each of these elements shall be commensurate with the potential risk involved. The emergency plan shall be implemented by emergency procedures.

ANS-15.17, Fire Protection Program Criteria for Research Reactors

Scope: This standard provides criteria for a fire protection program for research reactor facilities and for the reactor safety-related systems included in those facilities. It stresses preservation of the capability to achieve and maintain safe shutdown of the reactor, and includes consideration of both direct fire hazards and indirect or consequential hazards.

ANS-15.19, Shipment and Receipt of Special Nuclear Material (SNM) by Research Reactor

Scope: This standard provides the necessary information for the shipping, receiving, and storing of fuel and other fabricated special nuclear material for research reactors. The areas addressed are data collection and analysis, packaging selection, preparation of the package or shipment, or both, safeguards, internal material control, records, and quality assurance for shipping.

ANS-15.20, Criteria for the Reactor Control and Safety Systems of Research Reactors

Scope: This standard sets forth the criteria from which design and review requirements can be established for the reactor control and safety system of a research reactor.

ANS-15.21, Format and Content for Safety Analysis Reports for Research Reactors

Scope: This standard provides the criteria for the format and content for safety analysis reports for research reactors.
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