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Michaele C. Brady Raap

Nominating Committee Candidate
I have been involved in ANS activities for over 25 years and have had the privilege to serve in a number of roles including: Chair of Professional Divisions Committee; technical division leadership (Chair of both Nuclear Criticality Safety Division and Reactor Physics Division); twice elected to the Board of Directors; Vice-Chair of the National Program Committee; Publications Steering Committee; Meetings, Proceedings, and Transactions Committee; and several Standards Committees. I am currently serving in my third term on the Finance Committee. As a result of my experience in ANS, I have a good understanding of the major products of the Society; our publications and technical meetings and their impact on the ANS financials. I also have gained insight into the decision-making processes within ANS that can impact the successful marketing and production of these products.

ANS represents a diverse membership as reflected by the fact that we are now comprised of 19 Technical Divisions and 1 Working Group. The leadership of these groups provides critical input needed for the evolution of ANS and ANS products to meet industry and member needs today and in the future. These 20 entities bring definition to the concept of "nuclear science and technology" that permeates the strategic goals for the Society. These 20 entities also help define the R&D needs of their members which include support of the current fleet of reactors reaching a 60 to 80 year lifetime, Small Modular Reactors, Generation IV reactors, developing nuclear technologies for space and medical applications, improved reactor analysis methods and models, improved nuclear data, improved analysis, advancing nuclear detection methods including radiochemistry, improved methods for addressing the nuclear fuel cycle, and managing nuclear waste. These groups also identify needs for education and training for both the existing workforce and for developing the next generation of nuclear professionals. These needs include not only the technical support and mentoring needed for a successful career but also the soft skills (such as interview skills for engaging the public and press) that aren't readily available from other sources. In turn, the leadership and infrastructure of the ANS needs to be adaptable in order to be able to meet these diverse needs and to capitalize on the opportunities presented. The strength of the organization is in the fact that we can accomplish more and have greater impact by acting together than we can separately. The challenge is of course finding the balance between what we need, want and can afford. I believe organizational restructuring and technology infrastructure upgrades are essential elements for ANS to continue to meet member needs and to enable the organization to achieve its strategic goals. Organizational restructuring will serve to promote integration and enable the merit of proposed initiatives and strategies to be clearly recognized as opportunities for the common good of the Society. Upgrades of the Society technology infrastructure are long overdue. More than once I have seen business cases for good ideas fail because the cost of implementation under the current infrastructure exceeded the perceived "value" of that single initiative. I will support the development of an integrated business case for an upgraded infrastructure that will enable multiple objectives to be realized and position the Society for future growth. This integrated approach will provide the basis for evaluating alternatives for balancing the cost/benefit and scope of the investment to which the Society is committing. This integrated business case will provide transparency enabling Society leadership to make informed and deliberate choices when they evaluate the business case and will also provide a basis to effectively communicate with membership.

The message is clear. Change is needed. ANS will have to become more than it is today and meet a higher standard to satisfy the needs of its individual and organization members as we move into the future.

With my ANS experience and my tenure on the Finance Committee, I have gained the experience and skills to effectively perform the duties of Treasurer. I also have work experience as a project and cost account manager as a DOE contractor and the practical experience from managing payroll and capital investments for our family farm. I know that the return on an investment can be immediate and direct or may be in the form of long-term benefits like improved efficiency and increased productivity. I understand that near- and long-term investments and cash flow are all essential for the effective operation of any organization. ANS has been able to successfully build and maintain a cash reserve from the wise investment of funds collected during the surge of nuclear build in this country. Those reserves were absolutely essential to the Society's fiscal solvency over the past decade. We need to continue to maintain a balance between the importance of making investments in our future that will require the use of a portion of these reserves and the need to withhold a portion of these reserves to protect the Society from economic uncertainty now and in the future.

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve you as the ANS Treasurer because I have a vision for the American Nuclear Society. The infrastructure and organization of the ANS require modernization to be consistent with the needs of both our individual and corporate members and supporting the development of nuclear science and technology in the U.S. and worldwide. ANS is committed to providing a forum for technical exchange and professional development and to being a credible resource for nuclear science and technology information for public policy debates and public information. As your Treasurer, I will work with the Society's leadership, staff and members to identify and support investments that will enable modernization so the ANS can more effectively meet these goals and enhance the benefit of membership to you.

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